The Societal Model of Planet+Ultra®

Planet+Ultra®: Intergenerational Aspects

Welcome to the newest module of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained problem-solving framework, which completes the first version (2013-2015) of the concept demonstration which I initiated as the program author in late 2012.
Dedicated to the underlying intergenerational issues introduced in the previous modules, this website provides a complementary insight into conceptual implementation, as considered from the perspective of the priorities which condition our successive life stages.
Before we set out on this new journey, let me reframe the big picture with the orientation matrix of the next page, which is similar to the Gridfolio chart that you already know and will help you to assess this new module in terms of added value with regard to the whole.
The structure of this website therefore follows that of the related Gridfolio, against the background of which the first is supposed to be considered, since it became necessary along the way to separate the economic context from the societal issues pertaining thereto, so as to not uselessly overburden the demonstration.
I wish you a pleasant journey (back) into cerebral fitness!