The Societal Model of Planet+Ultra®

Becoming a Parent

In terms of procreation, the NetPlusUltra®-sustained philosophy consists in laying the groundwork for each age-specific decision to be taken in the matter, so as to empower everyone to make and assume their own choices with full knowledge of the facts: regardless of the type of procreation intended or chosen, giving birth to a healthy child is considered not only as the only admissible objective, but also as a genuine full-time job. In other words: as soon as the (affiliate) mother-to-be declares herself pregnant by updating her Unified Conceptual Declaration (U.C.D.), her life project portfolio undergoes systemic optimization, depending on her profile and situation.
Considering that the success of the conceptual multi-party support to be provided for the sake of the child (by the mother or the parents, the health professionals in charge, and NetPlusUltra®) will depend on the quality of the biometric feedback to be monitored, it is the mother's declaration of pregnancy through the U.C.D. which will initiate the creation of the medical file on behalf of the expected child.
Entirely embedded - for reasons of past, present and future safety - into the franchised member's individual capitalization system, this file (to be transferred to the child at the age of majority) can only be updated by the competent parental or supervisory authority, or by the health professional in charge, after prior written notification to the other party through the Externet+Ultra®-enabled user interface, whereby each and every communication, regardless of its source, will have to be automatically recorded by the web-enabled master franchising system in the form of unfakably encrypted logs.
In case the medical monitoring process detects deviations with regard to expectations founded on a conceptual normative-adaptative protocol which is itself conceived so as to remain under permanent improvement, additional tests will be performed with a view to confirming or invalidating the initial findings.
Depending on the medical monitoring techniques chosen, specific alternative solutions will be assessed if needed through permanent auditing of all parameters pertaining to the pregnancy in progress, and implemented if necessary towards the optimization thereof.
Whether the results of such continuous medical assessment are conclusive or not, it is only after the findings have been validated as finite through conceptual debriefing that the latter will be enabled for approval with a view to integration, in the form of anonymized - but no less retraceable (i.e. source-coded) - return-on-experience content modules - into the capitalization system for decision-making of Planet+Ultra® .
As franchised members of a system which conceptually excludes all forms of sectarian speculation by capitalizing on nothing but the best practices, every pregnant woman and her expected child receive the best medical care, since they benefit from the latest advances in medical research and development. In the absence of incentives to conceive children for the wrong reasons, no birth is likely to remain undetected from the conceptual solutions radars of Planet+Ultra®.