The Societal Model of Planet+Ultra®

Your Master-Franchisor Wishes You a Pleasant Journey

Following the eighth and last semester of studies, the affiliate member's dashboard switches from the academic calendar and accounting year to the professional reporting year, whereas the quadripartite franchising agreement reconfigures itself according to the portfolio of competences and activities produced and validated at university. Which also means that important decisions are never supposed to be made alone, but always as a member of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained franchising network, on the grounds of a proof of concept produced with the help of the system's knowledge base for decision-making under permanent improvement.
The main challenge that each franchised adult member will have to face throughout the crossing of this fourth period of cognitive development is about keeping the balance between the multiple requirements of his·her quadruple life across all administrative, personal, social, and professional dimensions, i.e. to provide for the permanent conceptual consolidation of his·her systemic portfolio of activities from one year to another, so as to remain self-motivated. Thanks to the guarantees provided for by the Unified Conceptual Declaration (U.C.D.), which allow to envision the future with much more self-confidence, as suggested in the previous sections, founding a family is no longer a matter of survival, or a question of means, but rather a couple's decision that will have to be made when the time is right, which - on Planet+Ultra® - is likely to occur much earlier than in our present reality, i.e. in a way which is conceived so as to positively reverse the trend of demographic ageing.
Above all else, NetPlusUltra® is a conceptual "Net force" whose members continuously improve whatever can be towards anti-sectarian individualization. Considering that the cost of living at each stage of a human's life can be placed under permanent optimization by the simple fact that it is known, that equal opportunity is mainly a matter of estimating one's own individual needs as accurately as possible, with a view to achieving sustainable replenishment of the scarce resources which we all consume, and that a conceptual meta-connection of systems is all it takes to fix such leaking buckets and loopholes which would otherwise generate nothing but insider delicts of all sorts, it is our society as a whole that could rapidly redeploy itself towards this vision, instead of letting structural defaults produce incentives to infringe the better rules or to speculate in vain against the general interest.
Socio-economic mobility of expandable profiles is provided for by 360° coverage of individual needs, according to a matrix-enabled conceptualization of the Maslow pyramid principle. Considering that this rationale is a logical extension of the "cognitive economy" principle which shapes everyone right upon entry into preschool, as part of the system's self-assessment-oriented instruction, such conceptual funding is naturally perceived as making common sense, without necessity for any entity to resort to costly means of sectarian interference in order to dissuade people from trying to get rich, or to convince them to take part in the economic governance of the society in which they live.
The concrete organizational and techn(olog)ical application of the equal opportunity principle, with a view to providing equal socio-economic mobility for all, translates into leasing-based management of all expenses which, in our present reality, heavily overburden private household budgets, while at the same time presenting a higher risk of pollution (both in literal terms of "environmental toxicity", and in the figurative sense of "sectarian speculation"), such as spending on cars, real-estate, consumer electronics, and household appliances. The benefit for households is that the latter will rejoice a franchised level of equipment which is not only necessary and sufficient, but also conceptually monitored, maintained and recycled, so as to provide a sustainable basis for capitalization.
The mobility of affiliate members also encompasses the cultural dimensions, and is provided for through the conceptual framework-based meta-connection of sovereign franchising networks, which are all licensed and supplied by their respective historical civilization hub. Considering that all these national networks can't be left to wildly entangle themselves, due to the legal obligation for each country to respect the sovereignty of all others, meta-connection is generated upon individual affiliation with the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system, which provides "gLocalized access" to the national (multi-OS-enabled) Externet+Ultra®-sustained network, meaning that navigating from one subnetwork to another, and/or from hub to hub, is "an internal matter of franchise-based exterconnection", as each franchised member can further activate an international extension at each level (in order for example to subscribe to foreign contents). Last but not least, traceability of virtual exchanges on Planet+Ultra® is provided for through the member's logs, which aggregate into raw statistics to be processed into knowledge, with a view to the conceptual integration thereof into the system's spectroscopy for decision-making.
It is the same conceptual meta-connection of systems which also provides for immediate redistribution of the productivity surplus that is produced by such franchised members who generate more added value than they can individually consume, and who therefore continuously refill the system's job banks, in order to supply those affiliate members who are in search of activities to renew their portfolio in part or in whole. Each unit of value produced and redistributed remains traceable to the legitimate author thereof, and is accounted for on the assets side of the latter's balance sheet as a contribution entitling to the benefit of a whole range of conceptual incentives.
Thanks both to the near real-time update of the U.C.D. through the individual dashboard, and to the extended intelligent search functionalities integrated in the conceptual user interface, the activities proposed to franchised members as part of the system's continuous feedback reporting are permanently adapted to the evolution of their user profile depending on criteria of age and self-evaluation, so as to ensure that everyone capitalizes at his·her productive optimum for as long as possible, whereby each age group is further granted privileged access to the jobs and activities reserved for its own timeline(s) of reference.