The Societal Model of Planet+Ultra®

The New Science of Everything

The need for conceptually customized system support at each new stage of life materializes into successive extensions to the Unified Conceptual Declaration (U.C.D.), which, building upon the digital health record, will be conceived so as to be configured into a school workbook upon entry into elementary school, followed by a SWOT dashboard providing for the years of study at junior and senior high schools. The educational focus lies on the perception of one's own specific development with regard to the other sex, on the grounds of a NetPlusUltra®-certified normative-adaptative codex which will serve as a "fair playground" between genders, generations, and cultures. In line with this, the school program will be unfolded in compliance with a conceptual rationale which proves it necessary, for boys and girls alike, to become self-aware of the fact that all human beings are to be treated as equals with regard to their physiological differences, insofar as the ones suffer their emotions as much as the others fall prey to their testosterone.
Right upon the teenager's entry into junior high school, against the background of the organizational turmoil that often occurs amidst an unprecedented physiological mutation, the SWOT dashboard will encourage students to continuously assess both their strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats of their new change-oriented school environment, based on the experience gained during the previous stage, with a view to keeping them focused on the mind-body integrity principle, which will require them to think in terms of personal development and organizational efficiency.
Thanks to the digital pad of elementary school, teenagers become tech-savvy students perfectly qualified to pilot their school dashboards in anticipation of a dramatic expansion of their cognitive universe, which contributes to turn junior high school into the conceptually self-governed participatory model of a "next generation junior society", aiming at training self-accomplished citizens capable of running the common interest democracy in which they live, while at the same time defending their own ideas with respect for other people's rights to do the same.
Considering that no society can dispense with qualifying and quantifying in order to organize its survival, knowledge pertaining to added-value-based decision-making will be conceptually acquired by applying the figures and formulas to be mastered in each subject matter area to all kinds of concrete real life situations, so as to bring about a cognitive economy of juniors earning their pocket money as event managers of their self-sustained schools.
Since a democratic society cannot either exempt itself from its own principles without completely losing its legitimacy in the process, defending the "know thyself" learning imperative (mens sana in corpore sano) further requires to rethink the management of school time, in order to empower everyone involved to optimize their own cognitive "return on school time experience". An affiliate school will therefore be invited to organize its migration over to Planet+Ultra® in full autonomy, so as to enable itself to replace a dysfunctional state of things based on 45-minute courses with a conceptual agenda providing thematic half day classes (5x2=10 per week), which will lay the conceptual groundwork for the redesign of learning contents.
In terms of production systems and devices, the conceptualization of the "multidimensional-separation-of-concerns-and-powers principle" could reorganize the entire IT industry by the same token, with a view to placing the human factor back at the center of all preoccupations. Underage students in their initial formative years could therefore learn in a Windows-enabled schooling environment, be redirected to a GNU-based OS if they showed programming skills which they intended to turn into a future profession, and upon coming of age, move over either to Mac, which by then could be the reference in vocational adult training, or to Android, should they decide to join the economy’s mobile workforce. Last but not least, since it takes a fourth-party mediating system to get all those native "Intranet+Ultra®"-sustained universes to collaborate, the "Externet+Ultra®"-sustained service level dedicated to the U.C.D. will be multi-OS-based, whereas the multi-OS-enabled "Extranet+Ultra®"-sustained service level reserved for content producers will be supported by a CMS-based forum technology such as WordPress.org.
On Planet+Ultra®, permanent integration of knowledge from one year to another translates into the progressive preparation of the student's life project, which will ultimately provide the groundwork for the senior high school program, whereas the conceptual 360°-assessment-principle eliminates both repetition of classes and school failures: indeed, regardless of whether the student chooses - with full knowledge of the facts, i.e. fully aware of his·her capabilities against the economic background of market needs - the professional, technological, or general orientation, the focus lies on the permanent self-consolidation of the individual's genotypical full potential, rather than on the promotion of shortsighted educational malpractices such as brain stuffing and cramming, since the objective is to shape adaptive profiles capable of confronting all types of situations.
As announced above, the senior high school years are entirely dedicated to the construction of the student's personal and professional life project, whose presentation will constitute the new Baccalaureate degree, whereby the jury will be composed of senior high school teachers, of university professors in charge of the academic mentoring that lies ahead, of employers providing customized traineeships to make sure that the theory is being continuously put into practice, and of a panel of fourth-party observers. Finally, in order to ensure that the student's entry into "active academic life" is not impeded by what employers could consider a handicap, the obtention of the driving license will be integrated into the extracurricular program of the first senior high school year for the theoretical part, with circuit practice in the second year, and accompanied practice in the final year.