The Societal Model of Planet+Ultra®

From the Constant Transfer of Knowledge to the Last Passage

A Perpetual Renewal
As soon as the first signs of cognitive decline are confirmed, the medical care provided for in the franchise contract on the grounds of the Unified Conceptual Declaration (U.C.D.) under permanent auditing adapts to new monitoring parameters, whereas the franchisee's dashboard, by reconfiguring itself towards conceptual anticipation of progressive loss of autonomy in all aspects of life - medical, social, legal, economic, and organizational - begins to encompass the broader subject matter areas of succession and inheritance, so as to better supply the elderly individual with the needed attention and care depending on his·her declared will.
Considering that for those generations born on Planet+Ultra®, everything has been optimized since the mother's womb - in medical terms - towards quick recovery in case of a temporary loss of energy, or towards a rapid change of matrix in case of a more serious health problem, no lack of updated information is likely to compromise what the conceptual support plan reserved for affiliate members has helped secure so far, namely: the rightsholder's basis of capitalization, which, at this age and from a genetic perspective, is hyper-customized. In case of memory impairment, it is the franchisee's individual knowledge base that the medical staff will tap into as a privileged life support tool, which - together with the system's spectroscopy - will prove very useful in situations when the patient's anamnesis is incomplete with regard to the emergency at hand.
In terms of the legal securement of the care provisions, through tutorship or curatorship, everything will depend not only on the terms of the franchised member's U.C.D. at the time when the loss of autonomy is confirmed, but also on the presence - and availability - of family members, whereby the latter will have priority - in case of good relationships between the entitled beneficiaries - over whatever decisions need to be made. In case there is no such (qualified) support, the individual to be taken care of will not be left alone either, since the support formula continuously adapts to the changing situation, which implies that the circle of friends can be solicited anytime to assist as a fourth-party observing mediator.
When the transition from the regular job market to the senior economy progresses under the best possible conditions, classical employment is replaced with customized activities aiming at helping retired people to make themselves useful while at the same time refocusing on their personal well-being, which is expected to solve the problem of loneliness among the elderly, whereas the achieved standard of living is maintained by virtue of the years of productive work spent creating value by promoting best practices. As the type of elderly care provided becomes more englobing due to growing loss of autonomy, the individual budget is adapted to the new situation that sets in, until the demise of the affiliate member, which definitively marks the end of the latter's life project, when remaining resources need to be taken care of as well through reallocation to the supervisory authority, whether it is the family or not.
In organizational and technical terms, securing the effective application of care provisions will entirely depend on the type of tangible assets available, considering that such resources will have to be progressively redeployed as part of the accompaniment provided for by the proprietary NetPlusUltra®-sustained franchising system, which owns the latter. In general terms, the main concern will be to put the elderly person in safety by providing dedicated housing - such as community homes for example - as soon as it becomes necessary, which will help a senior citizen who can't - or doesn't want to - be hosted by his·her family to integrate a shared housing estate adapted to his·her situation, a preliminary step most likely to help defuse the fear of retirement and/or nursing homes when these last options become unavoidable.
The conceptual implementation of this vision - with the ultimate objective of making retirement and nursing homes irreproachable, and hence more attractive - will consist in demonstrating - by the proof of concept - in how far such dedicated housing estates are fraud-proof when it comes to protecting the elderly people from the type of abuse that still afflicts too many of them. This implies to transparently resolve the prisoner's dilemma to which both sides are confronted: not only vulnerable residents in a situation of total dependence, but also the members of the support staff, who can't be expected either to spend their entire professional life - until their own death - in an end-of-life environment. It therefore all starts with a necessary and sufficient separation between residents who are mentally and physically fit with regard to their age, and patients who are ill or in a vegetative state, whose situation requires much more intensive medical care anyway.
Since it is the multipartite venture of at least four members - or member entities - in any given contractual NetPlusUltra®-sustained configuration, that will ultimately produce the added-value effect to be deemed faithful as a reliable proof of concept, let us go back to university for a while, with a view to embedding a compulsory traineeship in a retirement home into every study program (of variable duration depending on the specialization, and subject-matter relevant regardless of whether the student is engaged in an initial or postgraduate academic training), so as to enable ourselves to reconsider our (own future) retirement homes, by devising and implementing conceptual programs aiming for the optimization of his end-of-life experience for all residents - healthy or sick - which would include, but not be limited to: the possibility, for families with children without grand-parents, to "adopt a grandpa or a grandma"; the integration of pets into the everyday life of requesting and authorized residents; dietetic but no less gastronomic meals; as well as a whole NetPlusUltra®-enabled catalogue of virtual events and programs produced on demand, and based on the stories of the retirement home's residents.
The ultimate step, after the natural or assisted death of the affiliate member, remains the effective execution of his·her will on the grounds of the above testamentary dispositions. Depending on the presence or not of truste(e)d beneficiaries, the franchisee will have the choice to donate his·her tangible and/or intangible assets either to his·her family, or to the NetPlusUltra®-sustained franchising network, which will then transform the material part - if available - into new leasing solutions, whereas the virtual part will be processed into a memorial to be integrated into the system's spectroscopy of human knowledge for decision-making across space and time. Experience proves indeed that it is only by providing itself with the means to empower everyone to legate his·her memory to research in dignity, so as to leave an indelible trace in History, that the system will be able to sustain its own survival.