The Societal Model of Planet+Ultra®

A Matter of Systemic Mastership

As soon as the high school senior reaches the age of legal majority, the latter’s digital health record enters its eighth phase of "iterative biofeedback", and extends into a new pilot dashboard through which the student will be required to manage his·her academic matrix, whereby the purpose thereof will be to empower the young adult to develop and deploy the "academic flight plan" pertaining to his·her life project, up until the graduating proof of concept which will enable the newly trained citizen to take on responsibility for the administration of his·her individual capitalization fund.
This academic matrix is no less than a conceptual derivate of the one I already introduced in the International section (1) of my Gridfolio, and provides for customized modularization of the duration and content of studies, regardless of the area of specialization chosen by the high school senior within the context of the construction of his·her life project. Furthermore, in the same way as this life project can be considered as a quasi-genotypical expression of the personality of the author thereof, the young adult's academic career path starts with acquiring deeper knowledge and understanding of the evolution through space and time (i.e. of the genesis) of the research perimeter pre-framed in senior high school, with a view to further academic definition.
In terms of duration, each of the stages to be taken within each phase of the journey can either be a semester, for most curricula of the general academic path, or a year, for more advanced medical studies. Aiming for more flexibility, the university's conceptual framework regulation will further provide for divisibility of such academic stages into periods of alternation between theory and practice corresponding - as already suggested in the National section (2) of the same Gridfolio - to a day, a week, a fortnight, a month, a trimester, or a semester, depending on the requirements under permanent auditing of the mission in progress.
In terms of funding, this slice of active academic life will be equally financed by the universities, the employers, the fourth-party observing sponsors, and the students, as each partner will benefit from the input of all other parties to the underlying multipartite qualification contract: indeed, the universities will rejoice permanent insight into professional practice, the employers will get a permanent access to the latest research, the sponsors will be enabled to take part in a renewable vocational training program, whereas the students - although deprived of a salary for the entire duration of their academic specialization - will earn themselves a sustainable guarantee of non-precarity and non-indebtedness, insofar as all they will be required to do - so as to not miss the best opportunities - is to budget their semi-annual expenditures and to keep their pilot dashboard up-to-date.
From an organizational and tech(nolog)ical perspective, students become as productive as mobile a workforce, cyberworking from a distance both under conceptual protection and antifraud surveillance of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system. Due to the new availability of academic buildings, universities and elite schools alike become more "popular", as they open their gates to such audiences of adults registering for initial or vocational training who cannot cyberwork from home because of the inadequacy of their place of living with regard to the equipment required to achieve a specific pedagogical goal.
The implementation of the solution developed by the student within the context of the deployment of his·her academic research matrix lays the groundwork for a possible future association with the employer of the moment, or with another actor representing the same market segment, depending both on micro- and macroeconomic priorities. Thanks to the organizational flexibility inherent in such a conceptual matrix framework, the most adaptive profiles aiming for general or specific entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to engineer their own taylor-made curriculum, which will provide for the possibility of a change of employer at each new stage of this type of academic pathway.
The penultimate stage is dedicated to the preparation and defense of the research thesis, i.e. to the integration of all parts of the whole into a graduating proof of concept. Considering that the conceptual integrity thereof will depend first and foremost on the quality of the academic and professional user experience that the student will have been (en)able(d) to devise so far, it is the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system which will provide for permanent mediation between all parties to the contract throughout the entire journey, so as to ensure that the student remains free to make impartial decisions until his·her graduation (and way beyond), according to the twofold ethical imperative requiring both academic freedom and independence of research.
The student's eighth and last semester is dedicated both to the academic and professional defense of his·her research thesis, and to the fine-tuning of his·her post-graduation trajectory. After this final period of assessment and reporting, the graduated citizen takes on responsibility for the management of his·her individual capitalization fund, which is why the bank hosting and securing the placement is attending as a jury member as well. Here again, neither repetition nor failure, insofar as every student evolves at his·her own pace and level within a hypermodular framework (3), according to the specifications of his·her own unique mission, whereby each stage must prove conclusive before the next can be considered as satisfying the conditions of feasibility.
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